Thursday, March 23, 2006

Download of the Day: Jomic Comic Book Reader

Jomic running on my laptopIf you are like me and enjoy a comic book from time to time a great graphic novel, it no surprise that you can download them off the internet now. Doing a search for ebooks or pdfs will result in a bunch of series that you can download. The problem is reading on your desktop screen. The desktop is not a good medium for reading a comic book but a laptop is a different story - especially if you can change the orientation. Using a good comic book reader like Jomic on a laptop and you'll be set up. This is Jomic installed on my system. Under the View menu, you can change the orientation and just by placing your mouse pointer on the "Next Page" button you can click the mouse button which will flip the pages. Take a look at Jomic - a viewer for comic book archives if you are interested.

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