Monday, March 20, 2006

Software Tip: Throw away Adobe Acrobat

I hate Adobe AcrobatIf you are not using Adobe Acrobat to compile different sets of files as one PDF document, do yourself a favor and throw it away. Adobe Acrobat, in my humble opinion, is one of the worst programs out there. Why? What's wrong with a PDF creator? What did it ever do to piss me off?

Before I go into complaining about this program I want you to understand why I'm posting this - to get you to switch to 2-3 other PDF/maker/reader applications that do the same thing as Acrobat (except for the Document Merge function):

Mac - OSX - Use the PDF reader that comes included with the OS. Need to make a PDF, just go to any window and hit "File -> Print -> Save as PDF"
PC - Foxit Reader (excellent quick application to read PDFs)
PC - Cute PDF (nifty little PDF generator)

Going back to my complaint:
There is no reason why this program needs to take up so many resources on my computer. Everytime I am going to view a PDF document, it takes a while to load. That's just to see it. I hate the fact that it has to check for updates online too and if you are like me and turned it off in the preferences, well, next time you manually update the program, guess what option is turned back on - Automatic Update. The update feature destroys all system resources in addition to being redundant. Why does a PDF generator/reader need to be updated on such a frequent basis. I treat PDFs as just any other type of file. I don't need to update my notepad to read text files. I don't need to update my Firefox on a consistent basis to see the latest HTMLs. Yet, Acrobat requires a checkup every time I'm online. Enough is enough.

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Anonymous said...

omg, i thought i was the only one that didnt understand why why why such a huuuuuuuuuge program exists for such a tiny thing, and more over why why why it keeps asking for updates when i tell it, "no no no, i dont care about updates / turn off / stop / pleeeeease / i hate you acrobot / idontwanttogotojailforrunningsuchadumbstolenprogramasyourself / etc. . ." all this time i just though i didnt understand something about computers (which is the case half of the time), but now i know. thanks alfred. now i can sleep.