Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Site of the Day: OLGA

TablatureIf you are a guitarist, chances are you are always looking for Tablature on the web. There are various sites to go to and if you are looking for something in particular, all you really have to do is go to Google and just do a search for something like "Wilco tab" and maybe just add the name of the song. If you are looking for a library (rather a compendium) of tab, might I suggest:

  • OLGA: The Online Guitar Archive - the best tab site in the world.
  • GumboPages - a great site about New Orleans, Cajun Culture and all the Wilco, Son Volt, Uncle Tupelo tab you could ever want.
  • Countrytabs.com - If you have a good pop-up blocker, take the time and check out Countrytabs when you are looking for stuff like Ryan Adams or Nickel Creek.

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