Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Live on Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

On the air with Dave Graveline
Recently I appeared on Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline on AM radio on the topic of Page Layout and Graphic Design. If you are interested in hearing the show here are the podcasts.

One of the most interesting topics is that I learned of a new type of liturature known as Trucker Literature which is, well basically, literature written by truckers. Granted, I've know a couple of truckers in my life and I must say that I heard some of the greatest stories I've ever heard from them. So this has to be an interesting new subgenre. Never forget, James Cameron was a trucker - so imagine this guy driving down the highway, on a late night stopping somewhere remote and encountering what inspired him to write....The Terminator! And, we shant forget some of the best phone calls ever on Coast to Coast AM.

For more information about Dave Graveline, visit his site and download some of his archived shows available as a podcast.

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