Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How to make your PNGs look good in Internet Explorer

Here's a problem for webdesigners - Internet Explorer does not render PNG files properly. If you are like me (a webdesigner) and have constant problems dealing with Internet Explorer well do I have a site for you. Bob Osola has made a page to help developers get their PNGs looking good in IE. The fix involves a JS file to include on your site and an include to drop into your HEAD tag. Trust me, I've tested it with my own sites and it works.

"The fix allows IE to properly render PNG alpha transparency. If you want to get straight to the script, go to the how-to page and follow the instructions there.
Why only versions 5.5 & 6? Because Windows IE versions prior to 5.5 do not support the filter which fixes the PNG problem, and version 7 (not yet released at the time of writing in January 2006) is reported to have fixed the issue entirely."

The PNG has been out for quite some time and sites like Apple.com, Adobe.com and Macromedia.com are full of them. I'm surprised that Macromedia did not include this as an additional command for Dreamweaver. Thanks a lot, Bob! PNG in Internet Explorer: How to Use

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