Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trim that PC Belly: Part 2

Trim that PC Belly:

Several months ago I wrote an article all about installing software on your PC that was not so heavy as most commonly used programs (such as Norton Antivirus or Microsoft Office). I promised a follow-up for interesting and fun software. Well, folks, no more waiting. Here it is. If you are re-doing your machine or looking for new software worth checking out to make your PC funner - well, here's the list.

Let's start it off where we left off - Google Earth. A fantastic program that allows you to zoom into any part of the planet and view an aerial shot of a particular area of land. If you want to try something interesting as a screensaver, zoom in on a particular town and just click drag the mouse ever so slightly and it will move as if you're on a plane moving by itself coasting across the planet. If you want to follow up Google Earth with an application that will take you out of this world I suggest Nasa World Wind which is like Google Earth for Earth, the Moon, Mars, and the Deep Sky. Did I mention that it's absolutely amazing!!!

VLC Player - A video player that destroys Microsoft's Windows Media Player. It's smaller, free and plays more video codecs than you can throw at it.

ITunes - Yes, I know, it's not the best audio player out there but the fact is - it'll keep your music organized for you, it allows you download TV episodes, you can share your music library, broadcast your music to your stereo with the ITunes Airport Express. You can't beat that. This will probably be the slowest program on your system.

Trillian - Cirrulean Studios answer to MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and every other messenger you can think of. It's all encompassing as you can use it to login to all your chat clients in one window.

DivX Player - A video play this is important to see video many videos coming from the web.


Stellarium - (free) Astronomy Program to help you get those astronomy constellation reading skills you always wanted.

(As usual, with any advice, I don't take any responsibility for any user downloading, installing or running this software. I don't work for any of the companies that produce any of this software. Nor am I a test of the following software - all of this is based on personal experience. Please download at your own risk. Honestly, nothing should happen - all of these applications are heavily tested and downloaded everyday by people on all types of machines. Enjoy.)

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