Monday, January 15, 2007

Download of the Day: Tracktion 2

If you are into audio recording on your computer - do yourself a favor - look no further than Mackie's Tracktion 2. I've been recording music for over 10 years under my band Strange Particles using a variety of different hardware and software tools. Apple's Garage Band is a fantastic product, and Steinberg's Cubase SX3 is (imho) the best recording software out there - when it works. The problem with Garage Band is that it is limited in its editing capabilities but it's the easiest software to loop and record live. The problem with Cubase is its price (+$600) and it can tend to be moody on any machine (for example, moving midi notes and it freezes your machine until your hard boot).

Tracktion 2 just rocks. It's as easy as Garage Band, it works with VST plug-ins and it is a solid piece of software. I just used it to record and master 2 tracks and it worked wonderfully.

It comes with a bunch of plug-ins including Amplitube (guitar modeling), SampleTank (a sampler) and a variety of sound effects and Mastering Tools. Here, take a look at the features it comes with:
  • Amplitube LE (Guitar)
  • SampleTank SE (Sampler)
  • LinPlug RM4 (Drum Machine)
  • FreeAlpha (Synth)
  • Slayer 2 (Guitar)
  • Claw (Single Monophonic Synth)
  • Over 10 Mastering plugins and many more.
  • Here's a complete list.
The key to good software is its usability with the end user - meaning - how easy and efficient it is. This software takes the cake. It's easy, it's powerful, it's hybrid, and it comes with a license for up to 3 machines so you can put it on your G4 Mac, your PC and your Intel Mac. Lastly, it works with ReWire allowing it to interface with Propellerheads Reason & Ableton Live.

Did I mention that it costs up to $100!!! Here, start off by downloading it here.

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