Friday, June 15, 2007

Immersive Media Corp: An Eye into the Future

Google Maps Street View has been the talk of the town for a bit and I think it's about time some of us get to really see what the full potential of this is going to be. As you can see in Street View, it looks as if you are in a car and you're moving down a street that was filmed. No doubt this is how it was done but it doesn't stop here. The company that is responsible for all this footage is Immersive Media Corp (IMC | CVE:IMC) and on their site they have the actual footage compiled in a VR environment so you can see how this technology can really be used. Other than driving around in streets, one can see how this can be used for future news broadcasts, real estate, marketing, video games and a host of other applications. You can find their demos here: If you have a chance, check out Destinations, Tourism and Current Events which has an underwater scene filmed in what looks like an aquarium (my favorite so far - I'm a scuba diver, what can I say). There's another scene that has a crowd marching and you are "immersed" in it. I can already envision how this can be used by the media to cover riots, marches and public demonstrations from around the world. Wait until they have one of their cameras strapped onto a jet...or even the SPACE SHUTTLE!!! Kudos to you Immersive for your ideas, my money's on you!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

good thing you didn't "put your money here," their stock has collapsed over the past year, long before general market meltdown.


ask management. ask them why they've invested their available cash in unrelated industries? ask them why they haven't done anything interesting in a long long time? ask them why the image quality of their videos hasn't improved?