Friday, November 30, 2007

Strange Particles - Live and Online

Strange Particles is the name of my band and for the past several months we've been playing some shows, rehearsing, working on new material and establishing ourselves on the web. So today I am revealing the latest version of our site - It took a while but all those years learning and working in photoshop finally paid off. Take a moment to visit our site and listen to some of my music. I would classify it as Indie-Downtempo (like a cross between Mogwai and Boards of Canada). There are some rock elements and some electronic elements.

Why Strange Particles you ask? Well, there's this book called Beyond Einstein by Michio Kaku which is all about String Theory. Reading this book years ago, I came across a passage about how quarks are classified into 6 different "flavors" - up, down, top, bottom, charmed and strange. I couldn't believe that they would name 2 types of particles "charmed" and "strange" so I took it upon myself to research more. At the time, my music project's name was 8(8) Symmetry which changed to E(n) Symmetry and then finally changed to Strange Particles. All of these are references to Quantum Mechanics. Am I a quantum physist - no, but I love the subject and I believe that when music affects you - it goes to your very core. It passes through you (like a Neutrino particle) but some of it stays behind. So, hopefully the music will affect you like that and may even take some time to linger inside of you. Take a listen, browse around and check out our Social Networking sites located on the top left and drop us a line.

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