Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Solar Islands

Imagine an artificial island that is coated with solar panels and covered with a strong plastic that can defend it from the elements. Can you see the potential electricity that can be generated. Let's give it a byproduct of steam that can then turn a generator and develop even more powered. Oh, and lastly, let's make it automatically adjust to where the sun is in the sky so it gets the most amount of energy. Think this is fiction, guess again. Solar Islands are a concept brought to life by csem and they have built a prototype. It's being built in the United Arab Emerites. Why isn't every first-world nation not doing anything about this?

Not only Let's take this up a step further, here are my two cents and hopefully I'll go down in the history books for this:

1) Solar Powered Planes - this should bring fares down and help the airlines out of the financial funk they're in.

2) Solar Powered Hybrid cars - slap on some solar panels on the roof of a car and use a hard plastic/fiberglass coat that will protect it. It'll charge your car while it's out in the hot sun all day...and it'll look cool too! Screw you, oil companies!
Read more about Csem Solar Panels.

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