Thursday, April 09, 2009

Essential Videos for Guitarists and Bassists: Learn How to Fix your Action

Any musician can tell you how frustrating it is to play an instrument that is not set up properly. Factors such as intonation, action and truss rod alignment can be huge issues that can determine how well you play an instrument. It will also affect its sound. In order to change these three factors on any type of guitar is seen by many as a highly complicated task. Recently I had to tackle this with my bass guitar and instead of finding a qualified guitar tech (good luck finding one in Miami) I decided to see what the Internet had available. It's amazing how much you can learn from the web especially through video. I came across this wonderful site called Expert Village and they have video tutorials that can help simplify this task.

I tried it and it made my Fender Squire feel like a Fender Standard P bass.

How to Adjust Intonation on a Bass Guitar:

How to Adjust the Truss Rod on a Bass Guitar:

How to Adjust the Bridge Saddle on a Bass Guitar:

What a great site. This knowledge is priceless to any guitarist.

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