Friday, September 04, 2009

Song of the Week: Blind Man's Colour

I adore music. My friends know this and a bunch of them get their recommendations from me. That's as accredited as I am. I get exposed to a lot of music an I believe it's my duty to help spread the word....the gospel according to music.

My choice for this first magical week will be a band from my local state of Florida called Blind Man's Colour. I learned about them on All Songs Considered (thanks Bob) and you should take a moment to listen to them.

Check out Blind Man's Colour on Myspace and while you're there listening, as your attorney I suggest you listen to the following tracks in this order:

1. Heavy Cloud Hustle
2. Jimmy Dove

Put your headphones on. Close your eyes. Here we go.

PS: If you dig this check out They Might Be Giants and Animal Collective.

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