Sunday, May 08, 2011

How to get an iPhone for about $50 or How I learned to properly recycle technology

Looking for a new iPhone for about $50? It's not a gimmick but rather a lesson. The answer is simple - sell your old iPhone on ebay and with the profit upgrade to a new iPhone.

In life, it's common to hoard objects such as photos, keepsakes and relics we tie with our past. Technology is not meant to be hoarded as keepsakes simply because they devalue immensely with each passing year. Many of us are still in the mindset that the technology that we're getting rid of should be thrown in a drawer somewhere where it will be uncovered many years from now.

It's important to recycle your goods so you don't accumulate waste. To keep a clean and active life, it's best not to drag yourself down with old objects that just create clutter.

I just sold 2 iPhones on ebay 3 days ago. The first iphone was my original iPhone 3G that went swimming with me in a pool. This poor phone has been submerged in water, had a cracked touchscreen and the headphones were destroyed. I sold my broken 3G iPhone for $70 all while donating 10% to the American Red Cross (thanks for the offer ebay). Why would someone by a damaged iPhone for so much - simple - with a little more than $35 and some know-how you could repair it and sell it unlocked and oversees for about $400! I'm doing someone out there a big favor by selling it for $70 even though it's useless for me.

With that $70 and a little patience I was able to buy another iPhone 3G for the same money and used it for a year. This iPhone was practically brand new. No scratches or dents. The box was perfectly intact as well.

Recently I was considering upgrading to an iPhone 4 White and I put my current iPhone 3G on ebay. Seven days later I learned that I got $143.00 for it. I opened a new browser window and immediately upgraded on AT&T's website. I received my phone 3 days later and that same day I put my original iPhone in the box it arrived just a year ago and out the door it went.

The Buyer paid for the shipping cost and got a Hell of a deal considering what they can turn that around for and sell it elsewhere. Total cost - $57 (ok, so it's not exactly $50 but you get it).

Why not sell it for more?
You can sell your iPhone oversees for a lot more money yourself. In order to do that, you should look more online into unlocking your phone.

Selling Internationally
Following the 80/20 Principle, I'd be dedicating more time having to pack the item, declare a customs form, pay additional shipping and spend more time on the sale. Rather, I prefer to think Locally and just sell it only in the US. If you use a Flat Rate Box and just apply that to your asking price - you can label it as FREE SHIPPING which attracts a larger audience.

Another reason to sell your phone on eBay is because many users are looking to keep their exact same plan without upgrading their phone so rather than buy insurance, they can buy a replica of their phone without having to upgrade and spend any additional money. Help people save money and get rid of your old hardware.

How to do it:
1. Sell your phone on eBay.
2. Upgrade your current plan or sign-up for a new plan: AT&T or Verizon

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