Sunday, May 01, 2011

Track to drive to: Hasenheide

You're up and on your way to work. You pop in your iphone and connect it to your car stereo and you turn on the car. You're headed out of the driveway and on your way to start your day. Next 14 hours will be on the run - work, lunch, gym, action packed.

You load your iphone and crank the volume and put the volume on Max as you blast this from your car stereo. Turn up the A/C, lower the windows and California-cruise this bitch to high heaven.

This will be a weekly article that I'll set up a link to a track that rocks it. I'll provide a link to a track I think is awesome. Try it out and enjoy it. If you dig it - buy it. I don't profit. Just enjoy it. If you choose to be awesome and download it you have your choice:

1. Download it. Load it in the smartphone. Wake up - brush your teeth, get dressed. Get in the car, put it in drive and turn up the volume.

2. To my commuters, Wake up - brush your teeth, get dressed. Put the headphones on, lock the door and head out.

Either way, enjoy:

Mogwai - Hasenheide - B-side to Rano Pano off of Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will.

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